EIB 700


    EIB 741

    EIB 742

    Encoder inputs

    15-pin D-sub connections (female, X11 to X14), for four encoders

    Interface (switchable)

    1 VPP, 11 µAPP

    EnDat 2.1

    EnDat 2.2

    Supply voltage for encoders

    DC 5.12 V ±0.15 V; max. 450 mA per channel

    Overcurrent protection (automatic switch-off, resettable) at 550 mA

    Input frequency

    500 kHz

    Subdivision factor


    Signal adjustment

    Automatic adjustment of offset, phase, and amplitude

    Cable length1)

    150 m

    150 m

    100 m

    Data register for measured values

    48 bits (of which only 44 bits are used)

    Interval counter

    Derived from Axis 1 (only 1 VPP)4),

    Configurable interpolation factor from 1-fold to 100-fold

    Can be used as a trigger source or additional counting axis

    Measured-value memory

    Typically 250 000 position values per channel

    Measured-value trigger2)

    Storage of the measured values of the four axes through an external or internal trigger (selectable).

    External: • Signal via trigger input
    • Software command (over Ethernet)

    Internal: • Timer and interval counter
    • Reference pulse of the respective axis (from Axis 1 and other axes)

    Trigger input3)

    9-pin D-sub connection (male); differential inputs as per RS-485 (terminating resistors can be activated)

    Trigger output3)

    9-pin D-sub connection (female); four differential outputs as per RS-485

    Access to measured values

    Depends on the selected operating mode (see separate table)


    • Software drivers for Windows, Linux, and LabVIEW
    • Example programs
    • EIB application software

    Data interface5)

    Ethernet as per IEEE 802.3 (10/100/1000 Mbit/s)

    Network address

    Automatic assignment through Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), or manual assignment


    Approx. 213 mm x 152 mm x 42 mm

    Operating temperature

    0 °C to 45 °C (storage temperature: 0 °C to +70 °C)

    Supply voltage

    EIB 741: AC 100 V to 240 V (±10 %), 50 Hz to 60 Hz (±2 %); max. power consumption: 30 W

    EIB 742: DC 24 V (–15 %/+20 %), max. 2 A

    1) The supply voltage range of the encoder must be maintained; specified cable length applies when HEIDENHAIN cables are used.

    2) Various trigger sources can be assigned to the individual axes.

    3) Can also be used as logical input or output

    4) Maximum input frequency during referencing: 70 kHz

    5) The quality of the data cable between the EIB and PC must be adapted to the transmission rate and cable length.